Starting With a Good Mindset

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May 27, 2019
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Mar 9, 2022
Starting with a good mindset | Canada Talents - Blog

You made it to Canada, congratulations! Maybe for now everything is about excitement and city exploration. You’re right, it’s better for you to know well your new city. For some of you, immigrate to Canada is a chance to get your dream job, but it also means new country, new rules! Here are our tips to be prepared and make sure your job search will be just fine.

Put Yourself Out

We know that it is not easy for everyone, but trust us it’s worth it! Get out of your comfort zone, meet people, go to events, make new friends! It can be a bit intimidating to go there alone but you’re not the only one and you will find someone like you who is looking for connexions. Several tools can help you connect with people: Facebook groups, “Meetup” website, sports and arts organizations can be a great start. Don’t underestimate their importance because one of these persons could be the one who will get you the job you want.

Our tip: Focus on your passions and interests to have a common ground to share about.

Network! Go and Shake Hands

Your professional image is set. Now it is time to test it and start to meet professionals. To do so, you can check on Eventbrite and search for networking evenings and events in your field. The website called “Meetup” proposes a lot of events in different sectors. Canadians are very easy-going and approachable, do not hesitate to contact managers on their Linkedin profile and suggest an informal meeting around a coffee. Later on, don’t be surprised to have a job interview in a coffee shop sometimes. Intimidated by going to the event alone? Find a networking buddy! Together you will support each other and will be less afraid to interact with people. Networking is the best way to create a professional circle and to get your first job.  

Our tip: Try to go to as many professional events as possible in your field and connect with people.

Patience and Humbleness

Get the position you want in a company could take some time. But it doesn’t mean you can’t work there. An example: you are bilingual in French and English? Look for some positions in customer service! Even if it’s not what you want to do, you are in and if you work well you can pretend for a better position and so on. As the first Canadian experience is most of the time mandatory, this first job will show to your next employer how you fit and behave in the work environment.

The point is: don’t close your mind because the job is not the one you expected, it can be the case later. Moreover, if you are looking for a job in another company, you will be able to give a reference. So no matter what, stay professional. Be humble, respect is a very important thing here so be aware that you will get your dream job!

Our tip: Stay positive, this will open all the doors.

We also invite you to read the article about volunteering, an excellent method to connect with people and have references. Working as a volunteer in Canada is recognized as a full job experience, so don’t reject it!

You want to know more about how to find a job and what are the keys to success? Canada Talents organizes a CONNECTWorking event every month to help francophone immigrants improve their networking skills and why it is such essential to do it. If you want more information about that, please check our website.

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Starting With a Good Mindset

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