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What is the Face-to-face?

The Face-to-Face is a one-hour meeting designed to facilitate and support your professional integration into Canada. You will receive full access to years of knowledge and experience from our team of experts. Our team advisors successfully overcome the challenges you are about to experience and are dedicated to your personal and professional development while living in Canada.


$65 CAD

Our team of career experts evaluated the most important aspects of a professional profile and discovered the 7 key features which support career success in Canada. In the one-hour Face-to-Face session, our career expert will be able to evaluate your current position, where you want to be and suggest improvements based on the key elements covered below.

With a near-perfect success rate following a Face-to-Face, we know exactly what a candidate needs for future career development in Canada.

What will be covered?

Resume | Canada Talents


Do you feel like your Résumé needs an update? Our career experts will review your résumé and determine the steps that will separate your resume from hundreds of other candidates.

Profile | Canada Talents

LinkedIn Profile

Do you want individuals to look at your LinkedIn profile and know they are connecting with an industry-leader in Canada? We’ll take a look at how your LinkedIn profile can be perfected.

Goal | Canada Talents

Career Goals

Do you feel like you need clarification on what you want out of your career in the next year? Next 5 years? Even the next 10 years? Our career experts will help develop a plan to meet your professional goals.

Networking | Canada Talents

Networking Strategy

Do you feel like you can improve the number of professional connections? We are here to help establish a methodology that you can use to connect with other ambitious individuals in your field.

Multicultural | Canada Talents

Cultural Understanding

Moving to Canada is a big step in your career. Let us make it easier for you by providing the playbook on professional work culture in Canada.

Job Search | Canada Talents

Current State of Research

Do you feel like you are having a hard time understanding the current trends in the job market where you want to work? Our team consistently works to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest market trends in your industry.

Strategy | Canada Talents

Strategies/ Opportunities to Improve

Are you missing the clarity you need to move forward in your career? We will develop personalized strategies for your situation to ensure that you are able to achieve success in your position.

We do our best to match you with someone working in the same or similar industry as you to offer the most focused and relevant guidance as possible. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to support you in finding the right job in Canada.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Face-To-Face?

Schedule your Face-to-Face to get support and a personalized approach to your success!

Checklist | Canada Talents

Proven Checklist

You will go over many questions to help us understand where you are and where we will need to focus our attention. 

This helps us provide you with career transparency on what you want in your future. Once you have the clarification for your career, the choices you make will no longer feel like roadblocks. Instead, you will be empowered to take a hands-on approach and determine the course of action for your career.

Time | Canada Talents

1-hour Meeting

We will cover your elevator pitch, LinkedIn profile, job search strategy, goals, and any questions that you might have about your career.

Expect to improve your confidence in your professional life by improving your marketing. By reinforcing your interpersonal skills and online presence, you will achieve that job, promotion or salary increase.

Resume | Canada Talents

Curated to Your Profile

Every session is unique and curated to your profile and past experiences. The flow and structure are adapted along the way.

We understand that your past experience is a representation of your professional life. Expect a personalized session on how your previous experiences will help you meet your professional goals.

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They trusted Us

I wanted to get a job in Canada and move there from France, and it didn't felt easy to know how to proceed. I got a relevant opinion to understand how difficult my plan was, notably from someone who also moved from France to English-speaking Canada. Same as the people I was introduced to, these introductions have been very valuable.
Vincent H.
arrived in
Sep 2021
Canada Talents, with the Face-to-Face, helped me to better understand the local employment market by saving me time and avoiding potential mistakes.
Anaël B.
arrived in
Aug 2019
I was not very prepared for the phone interviews, I had many interviews, and sometimes I was not very happy with my answers. I shared my concern and all the actions made to find the right job in my field, and he gave me some helpful advice. I feel more confident, stable and convinced that I can restart my professional life in Canada.
Aniss L.
arrived in
Dec 2018

How to Prepare for a Face-To-Face?

To benefit from this 1-hour meeting, we recommend to review the following:

Prepare your elevator pitch

Wondering what an elevator pitch is? An elevator pitch is a quick and focused synopsis of your professional background and experience. This pitch includes all about who you are, what you do and what you are seeking in your next job. Use the Face-to-Face to receive feedback on your elevator pitch.

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Come with specific questions

No question is a bad question. Take some time to think about questions you have been contemplating or seeking answers to. Our team helps you organize your thoughts and ease the stress of finding work.

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Read our blog

Our team has curated resources that cover the most common concerns and challenges of transitioning to the Canadian workplace. Discover the support you are seeking by reading one of our helpful articles.

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Schedule your Face-to-Face

We usually prefer to do the Face-to-Face meeting in person, but if requested, for geographical reasons, we will be able to do it with Zoom video call. We will present you with the opportunity to ask questions to support you in finding the right career path in Canada.