Accelerate your integration

What are the benefits?

This one-hour meeting is designed to facilitate your integration in Canada. Our volunteers have successfully overcome the challenges that you are about to experience, so, as a member, why don’t you take advantage of their knowledge, and schedule a personalized approach.

We will do our best to pair you with someone working in the same industry as yourself to offer you the best experience possible. You will have the opportunity to ask all the questions that are burning your lips from everyday life, to how to find a job.

Custom advice
1 hour
1 to 1 meeting
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How to prepare for the Face-to-Face?

To fully benefit from this 1-hour meeting, we highly recommend to look at the following:

Read our blog

Most of the usual concerns have been addressed in one of our helpful articles. Use the categories to find your answer.

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Prepare your elevator pitch

Have you heard about it before? This is how you introduce yourself in Canada. Use the Face-to-Face to ask for feedback.

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Come with specific questions

Take the time to write them down before attending the meeting. Don't censure yourself!

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Testimony from our members

I felt I didn't know where to start my job search, how to structure my resume, elevator pitch, and cover letter. My Face-to-Face helped me to gain confidence during the job interviews I've had after that.
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arrived in Vancouver in
October 2018

Schedule your Face-to-Face

Each member of Canada Talents can schedule a Face-to-Face meeting with one of our volunteers!
We usually prefer to do the Face-to-Face meeting in person, but if requested, for geographical reasons, we will be able to do it with Zoom video call.

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