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The Employer’s Guide

With the correct insights, onboarding a new candidate is a smooth process. And for us at Canada Talents, your onboarding success is our success. We are dedicated to ensuring that your new candidate is as productive as you had hoped for. Therefore, we have created resources to ensure that you, the employer, are as prepared as possible to receive the employee.

Let us help you with the support of some of our best resources and blog posts.


How To Create a Welcome Package

Our most coveted resource shares information about how to prepare for the arrival of a new employee. We cover the intricate details of a welcome package for a new employee that has proven to be effective in ensuring a sense of belonging and community. From providing office supplies and goodies to ensuring the employee has access to the workplace and knowledge of company benefits, our document shares all the industry secrets for a successful onboarding.

Our “How to Create a Welcome Pack?” document is here!

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Meet Our Corporate Solutions Expert

Julien Mainguy

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Julien is an intentional dreamer, culture speaker, and business mentor. He is involved with numerous networks of people and businesses in different industries to make a difference. Julien thrives on building better organizations by using his awareness of cultural management and finding the most efficient solutions available for clients. In doing so, Julien supports businesses and organizations through fasttracking corporate solutions, which includes securing high-quality, bilingual talent to fill different roles in Canada.

With extensive experience and a wide-reaching ambitious network, Julien ensures the time-consuming problems of your organization needs become seamless.

Arriving in Canada in 2014, Julien co-founded Canada Talents in 2015.

Julien has supported hundreds of businesses and organizations with various corporate solutions.

With a current network of more than 100 business partners in Canada, Julien is knowledgeable of the industry secrets that help businesses obtain, preserve and grow the skills of talented employees.

Schedule a meeting with Julien today and discuss what your organization needs to be successful!