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For just $18 CAD, our experts will establish what you want in your future career and help you start your professional goals in Canada. This is your chance to receive invaluable career advice that will not only differentiate you from other candidates but will set your career up for success.

Common Career Questions

It is always best to come prepared with questions. Here are some common topics that are discussed with our career experts.

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Schedule a discovery session with our team.
Only $18 CAD

What is included?

15-minute web conference with our career specialist.
Email follow up.
Answer any next-step questions for your career.
Discuss networking opportunities and work culture in Canada.
Find out if you are a good fit for Canada Talents recruiters.
No commitments or hidden fees.

Meet Our Career Expert

Julien Mainguy

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Julien is an intentional dreamer, culture speaker, and mentor. He is involved with people and communities in different areas to make a difference. He thrives on building better societies, by using awareness on cultural management and by understanding ourself better and finding our true self.

By supporting bilingual speakers and their careers in Canada, Julien created an ambitious community where individuals can share their insights about Canada’s work culture and career development, which leads to greater opportunities in the future.

Arriving in Canada in 2014, Julien co-founded Canada Talents in 2015.

Julien has changed the lives of over 1,000 individuals who entered the Canadian workforce. See the many Success Stories of Julien’s expertise.

With a network of more than 100 business partners in Canada, Julien is knowledgeable of what recruiters want from candidates.

Schedule a meeting with Julien today and discuss your future in Canada!

They trusted Us

Canada Talents was the perfect team of people who had gone through the same settlement experience than mine. Their network, tips, and support were highly appreciated and useful.
Fatima E.
arrived in
Oct 2014
I decided to schedule a face to face because, being new to Canada, I felt the need to have some advice on how to prepare for an interview. ... The Face-to-Face interview is just a first step, you still have to figure out how much recruitment is different from France here in Canada.
Lee D.
arrived in
Oct 2018
I learn how different the British Columbia culture can be from other cultures. It also helped me how important networking is.
Vincent H.
arrived in
Jul 2021