Bilingual Career Fair

For Bilingual early childhood and education on June 2nd, 2021.

What Is The Bilingual Fair?

A unique and groundbreaking recruiting event organized by Canada Talents. Customized & specific, you will reach your targeted audience with booked appointments to strengthen your teams.

At Canada Talents, we put our passion and energy into our community. We help French-speaking professionals adapt to Canadian culture and excel in the Canadian work environment.

What will you find?

This event is a one-day activation. This exciting job fair will allow your organization, in addition to qualified bilingual talent, to connect in a meaningful and proactive way.

With this, you will recruit valuable professionals and reduce cost acquisition. We are excited to welcome candidates from across Canada in addition to local & abroad French-speaking professionals.

100 participants
During the event, you will have a pool of bilingual candidates available.
9 hours
A half-day of opportunities to connect with applicants.
54 spots
Meetings of 10’, which lead to 54 potential spots with participants.
Conseil des écoles publique de l'Est de l'OntarioActiris Brussels InternationalConseil Scolaire Francophone de Colombie-BritanniquePôle EmploiFédération des parents francophones de l'AlbertaFédération des parents francophones de C.-B.

The Benefits for your company

Customer Service | Canada Talents


The event is dedicated to bilingual early childhood and education.

Timed | Canada Talents


Run from 9 am EST to 6 pm PST with 10-minute spots across Canada.

Interview | Canada Talents


54 potential spots with participants to identify the one in-the-million.

Online Event | Canada Talents


100% online & simple for your team, especially with home-office.

Visibility | Canada Talents


Share your business’s mission and vision with our conference (live and prerecorded).

Verified | Canada Talents


Eligibility screening prior to the event & guaranteed pool of qualified candidates.


The Process

Checklist | Canada Talents
  • Connect with us to have your organization sign up and register for the online conference.
  • Our team will provide you with an invoice to confirm your registration and spot in the Job Fair.
  • The limit for registration is on the 21st of May, 2021.
  • An explanatory webinar session will take place ten (10) days before the event.
  • Communications will be sent out via email to launch the event.
  • We will provide assets and materials to help support the marketing, and our Eventbrite page will undertake to drive ticket sales and attendee sign-ups.

Reserve your booth

Schedule a 20-minute exploratory session with our team. Together we will review your options and select the best offer for you and your company's needs. You will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding our pricing.

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