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We hand-select qualified candidates with a bilingual background who can fluently and effectively communicate in English and French. Our in-house team interviews all candidates to undergo an extensive pre-screening process before sharing profiles with companies and organizations looking to recruit. When you partner with us, we reflect on your needs! The target will be to highlight the primary expectations and obligations of both the candidate and employer. When your candidate onboards, we support the transition and first three months.

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We help bring visibility to open positions for hire within your organization. When the time comes to hire new and qualified talent, we help support you in finding the right fit. Our offer, for $45 CAD, includes a 6-week pack where we post your open positions on our network’s platform. Your organization and open positions will be displayed on our website, social media accounts, Facebook group and during our events.

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Why working with Us?

We understand the importance of having qualified bilingual (English/French speaking) candidates and team members in your organization to help bridge the gap between language barriers in international business relationships. With a solid foundation and network in Canada we attract and support highly educated and experienced talent from Europe. Since our inception, we have established a talented network of more than 1,500 French-speaking professionals between Toronto and Vancouver. Canada Talents focuses on finding the best people with the most qualified skills, experience and backgrounds that align with our clients expectations.

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Nurture professional development programs

Share in the magic of experience and nurture professional development opportunities with dedicated and ready-to-work professionals. Our curated workshops offer our clients and their teams an opportunity to connect and collaborate. Through focused professional development moments, we ensure your employees are growing to serve your clients better.

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We place so much value and meaning on our business partners. We build relationships with local businesses that are seeking to establish a larger talent pool when exploring the right fit for job openings within your organization. Interested in meeting with bilingual talent? We are here to support your mission and vision and bring you the best, most qualified candidates.

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Schedule a 20-minute exploratory session with our team. Together we will review your options, learn about your goals, and develop the best offer for you and your company's needs. You will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding our offerings.