How to Start Your Job Search From Overseas?

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Mar 5, 2020
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Mar 9, 2022
How to start your job search from overseas | Canada Talents - Blog

Are you planning to move to Canada? One of the first steps is to find a job. How is it possible to start your job search from overseas? This article offers you a few tips for the best possible start to your job search to get a qualified job!

How can you adapt your job search to Canadian culture?

First of all, you need a work permit, or you need to be eligible to work in Canada: visit the Government of Canada website. Finding a qualified job can take time because you need to convince a potential employer that you have the skills and you can fit with Canadian culture. The first step: adapt and “Canadianize” your resume and cover letter and pay attention to your job titles!

A certain level of English is required to have a better chance of finding a qualified job, except if you are looking at francophone companies. In that case, keep in mind that you will be mainly in demand if you are bilingual.

If you don’t speak English well, you could also find language schools, teachers, or plan to find a temporary job to improve your language and get your first experience in Canada. For that kind of job, it’s easier to find something on-site, once you have arrived. Multiculturalism is one of the main features of large cities; firms are used to working with people from overseas from different cultures.

Networking is essential to getting a job in Canada. Instead of sending applications from France, it is more efficient to target companies and to develop a contact strategy.

How to find opportunities in your professional field?

It is possible to start a networking strategy from Europe, for example by participating in the “Destination Canada” fair that takes place every year in Paris and Brussels. This event will allow you to find potential recruiters from Canada!

You can also get information about the labour market. The most important point is to target companies that might interest you! Create and/or translate your LinkedIn profile, network and build connections. Visit job search engines such as Glassdoor or Indeed and find the next job fairs you can attend once you arrive in Canada.

Canada Talents organizes a CONNECTWorking event every month to enable networking between francophones. You could meet your future colleague there!

What about the underground market?

Designed by Macrovector, Illustrated by BC Talents
Designed by Macrovector. Illustrated by Canada Talents.

Networking is the most important tool for finding a job in Canada. Find offers before they’re supposed to be published, create your profile, enhance your value. Most of the job offers are not published. It is up to the job-seeker to find companies they would like to work for. Be proactive, don’t hesitate to get in contact to get information about upcoming vacancies.

Find networking groups and don’t forget that volunteering is one other way of making contacts. You can find offers and projects to work on at:




Volunteering could allow you to improve your English and to get references that could be useful in your search for a qualified job. Canada Talents is often looking for new volunteers to join our community: improve your skills, access the hidden job market, be a part of the team!

Your job search can start overseas, allowing you to be ready when you arrive. The crucial thing is to understand the Canadian job environment. To get more information about what you need to know before moving to Canada, you can have a look at our French guide: “Objectif Vancouver : tout ce que vous devez savoir avant de partir”, and "Objectif Toronto."

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How to Start Your Job Search From Overseas?

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