Cultural Diversity is an asset in the workplace

Build community, celebrate diversity, bring added-value

We put our passion and energy into our community. We lead a series of events where we share our resources and encourage people to build lasting relationships. We offer personalized sessions to members to support them in their careers.

Our team, in a nutshell

Our Mission

We help French-speaking professionals from outside Canada adapt to Canadian culture and excel in the Canadian work environment.

Our Essence

We believe that cultural diversity is an asset at work. As immigrants, we share similar challenges regarding professional rules and standards. We support your integration into Canadian workplaces.

Our Promise

We provide advice and guidance with a personalized approach, unique content and tools, curated for our community by our community.

Our Vibe

We bring value to our community every day in a variety of ways by engaging community members to tap into their passion to make a difference in the workplace.

Our Story

The Beginning - 2015

We were just a group of young, dynamic and resourceful French-speaking people living in the city of Vancouver. United through our differences and seeking new experiences on the West Coast, we decided to unite and dedicate our energy to connecting the French-speaking community to opportunities that would enhance the experience of life in British Columbia.
We dedicated our efforts to the community of newcomers and professionals willing to invest in their career. We provided advice and guidance with a personalized approach, unique content, and specialized tools, curated uniquely for our community by our community.

The Growing Years - 2016 to 2018

We believed that building and maintaining ongoing relationships makes all of us stronger. Over the years, we continued to develop resources, initiatives, and connections to help serve our community, consisting of over 1,500 individuals.
Our event, CONNECTWorking, has been running since our inception and features prestigious guest speakers sharing knowledge, tips and tricks to success in Canada. We have hosted over 500 people where our team has developed curated content like blogs, articles, guides, webinars, and e-books to support both French-speaking people in Canada and overseas before transitioning to Canada.

The Expansion - 2019

We took the opportunity in 2019 to expand our offerings and programming. Originally supporting the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver Area, we made the decision to grow our community in Ontario. Canada Talents now has branches of programming, mentorship, and events in Vancouver and Toronto.

The Rebranding - 2020

In 2020, we took time to rethink our programming. COVID-19 changed many things and gave us an opportunity to press pause and reevaluate our offerings and how we wanted to support the community. We decided to simplify our offerings, reestablish programming, and develop our internal team.

Our team

We share a great ambition: to help and mentor all French-speaking newcomers so they can find a qualified job in Vancouver in less than four months and to organize engaging masterclasses. Discover our team members.

Maël Guihéneuf

Maël Guihéneuf


Julien Mainguy

Julien Mainguy

Executive Director

Silhouette - Canada Talents

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Our Values


Our primary reason to exist is to help and support our community.


We exchange our knowledge to community members, so everybody has keys to succeed in their professional environments.


We are an accessible, friendly and welcoming community that recognizes your human potential.


What drives us is our devotion and dedication to our mission and vision.

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