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Meet your goals with one of our talented coaches.

What is the customized coaching?

As you continue to excel in your career, we will support you with a custom plan based on your goals and aspirations. Our Career Coaching Services provide you with access to experienced professionals who support you in achieving your professional goals, curated to your exact needs.

Your Career Coaching Plan

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Our career coaches are flexible to different career goals and with 20+ years of experience, are familiar with every goal you may have. We know what it takes to get to that next step in your career.

Let us support you with a plan that will ensure you meet your career goals.

Our promise to you

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We bring you exceptional expertise with our pool of talented coaches. Each of them has developed skills over the years to help you grow now.

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Expert Coaches

We bring together the best of the best to fit your needs in your field. Each expert works with you to reach a specific goal.


Each session is catered to your individual needs and is confidential. The first assessment will summarize what we will establish together and each expert will work with you on a personal level to support your goals.

Be Intentional In Your Career

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We are here to support your long-term growth in your career. With our career coaching, we can help you navigate your professional journey with the support you need to feel prepared and confident.

Our Approach

Here are some common career questions our coaches are prepared to help with:

Assessing your professional value
Adding value to your personal profile through self-marketing
Curating a job search
Exploring a career change
Upgrading your career progression
Success in your current role
Understanding Canadian work and professional culture

Once our career experts have assessed your career priorities, our team will contribute their main career expertise to curate a plan to improve your career. We will look at the strengths and weaknesses of your personal and professional profile to determine areas of improvement. 

Our expert

Julien Mainguy

Cultural and Leadership Expert

Julien is an intentional dreamer, culture speaker, and mentor. He is involved with people and communities in different areas to make a difference. He thrives on building better societies, by using awareness on cultural management and by understanding ourself better and finding our true self.

Julien understands how to be a professional leader in Canada. With over 20 years experience creating and leading businesses, Julien coaches clients from around the world with different backgrounds, cultures and industries.

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