Job Boost - Individual Skills Training

Advance your professional skills with personalized development.

What are the benefits?

Sometimes an unbiased opinion from an outside point of view can support us in discovering the gaps in our professional skills. We believe that a personalized approach is the best way to facilitate your transition in Canada.
Since 2015, our team has helped more than 500 professionals improve their knowledge and skills within the Canadian workplace. We have successfully supported folks in overcoming challenges in the workplace and want to help you do the same!
We will connect you with one of our experts to offer the best experience possible.

What Do We Cover?

Interview Practice

In this session we offer the opportunity to test your interview skills in a 30-minute mock interview experience. The interview is customized to your field of expertise and the expectations related to the job type. Your mock interview will be followed up with a debrief and feedback session to review your strengths and discuss areas of improvement.

Resume & Cover Letter

In this session we offer the opportunity to review your resume and cover letter. You will receive ongoing feedback and suggestions to help you find a new job with ease. You will receive customized feedback to your field and job position expectations. Please provide your resume and cover letter details to us prior to this session.

LinkedIn Profile

In this session we will focus on helping you build your LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn is an essential aspect of social networking in the business world. Together we will review your LinkedIn profile, establishing and discussing your professional goals while improving your profile with our 7-Key Points Method. To learn more about how you can update your profile, read this article on our blog.

Salary Negotiation

In this session we offer the best ways to prepare yourself for your next annual review including how to discuss and approach salary negotiations. These can be challenging conversations to discuss. We offer you the tools to approach these conversations with ease to ensure you can discuss clearly with your management. Together we will review the method and practice together.

How to prepare for a Job Boost?

To fully benefit from this 30-minutes training, we highly recommend to look at the following:

Read our blog

Our team has curated resources that cover the most common concerns and challenges of transitioning to the Canadian workplace. Discover the support you are seeking by reading one of our helpful articles.

Read Posts

Prepare your PRACTICE

It is better that you come with documents and details regarding your situation. Email us them before if needed.

Come with specific questions

No question is a bad question. Take some time to think about questions you have been contemplating or seeking answers to. Our team helps you organize your thoughts and ease the stress of finding work.

Schedule your Job Boost

You can schedule a Job Boost meeting with one of our experts! As our planning is limited, we invite you to register as soon as possible. You will receive an email confirmation right away with the details. We prefer to do it in person, but if selected, we will be able to do it by video call.