11 Apps That All Job Seekers Should Know About in 2021

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May 31, 2021
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Mar 9, 2022
11 Apps That All Job Seekers Should Know About in 2021 | Canada Talents - Blog

Job hunting anywhere is demanding, let alone in the unique challenges of the Canadian market. Luckily, there is plenty of apps that reveal thousands of exciting career opportunities available here! From virtual job fairs to language proficiency, this list aims to provide you with job-hunting tools and apps to present yourself professionally, so you can genuinely take advantage of these opportunities.

Job Hunting Apps

1- Indeed

Touting as the world's number one job site with over 250 million monthly visitors, the Indeed Job Search App gives you access to their international database of millions of positions. Filters like full-time, part-time and freelance positions, combined with a GPS feature, ensure that you're only sifting through the jobs that are most relevant to you. Not to mention, with notifications, turned on you'll be aware of new positions without having to search. Then, upload your resume, and you can apply in seconds without leaving the app!

2- LinkedIn

Linkedin is the world's largest professional networking site with over 756 million members. The site is used frequently by recruiters looking for talent and provides opportunities for you to network with employers and learn new skills to help sell your resume.

Follow the companies you want to work for, and the app will notify you if there are positions available. In addition, the company page gives you access to employee lists which you can use to introduce yourself to recruiters. With all these features, be sure to refer to our LinkedIn Strategy Guide so that you can get the most out of this phenomenal app.

3- Huntr

Job hunting is a full-time job, and trying to keep track of all of your ongoing applications can be a real headache. Huntr is an app that is specifically designed to organize all of your applications in one place. Using the built-in Chrome extension, you don't even have to leave your browser to keep quickly track of and manage all of your job applications. In addition, this free app provides a clean UI that tracks job opportunities no matter where you found them and even provides a timeline, so you stay on schedule.

Moreover, there's plenty of social features to be found. It includes a contact feature that allows you to keep track of recruiters, as well as a share feature that will enable you to check in with your fellow job seekers.

4- Glassdoor

Glassdoor isn't just about connecting you with job opportunities but also giving you the information you need to judge whether the job is right for you. The mobile app lists millions of job listings as well as access to company reviews. The reviews are written by former or current employees and reflect on their position from salaries to company culture. With over 70 million reviews, you can be sure to have all the information you need to make an informed application and approach job interviews with lots of insider knowledge.

The mobile app features notifications for new positions and a "Know Your Worth" tool which can help you evaluate your market value and even monitor its change over time.

5- Eventbrite

While job listing websites provide plenty of opportunities, it's often very impersonal, and it can be challenging to be noticed. Luckily, career fairs provide opportunities for talent to connect directly with recruiters either in person or through enormous virtual job fairs. In addition, the Eventbrite app makes it effortless to discover upcoming job fairs and schedule your slot in advance. In 2019, it powered over 4.7 million events across over 180 countries, so be sure to take advantage of their filters to get events tailored specifically for you.

Virtual events are also great avenues to network with other working professionals that share your interests, so watch out for events that might interest you even if they are not directly job-hunt-related.

6- Hunter.io

While networking sites like Linkedin have made it easier to connect with professionals, it can still be challenging to get the correct contact information. Luckily, apps like Hunter.io allow you to perform a domain search using a website address to gather a list of accurate email addresses. At its core, Hunter.io is an email finder, but it also functions as a verification tool, so you don't need to worry about outdated information. The app is also available as a chrome extension that integrates flawlessly into google sheets. The free version allows for 25 searches per month. Thus, Hunter.io is ideal for anyone who wants to quickly find contacts once you've found a business you're interested in.


Professional Development Apps

7- Coursera

Coursera is one of the most popular online educational platforms, with over 5,300 courses, hundreds of free. Coursera's prestigious position comes with its close integration with many of the world's top universities and businesses, allowing it to grant accredited university degrees at a hugely discounted tuition. However, some courses require prior knowledge, so be sure to do your research before enrolling.

Educational platforms like Coursera help build a versatile skill set that will significantly enhance your ability to be hired. Even if you simply audit courses for free, professional development is an excellent way to demonstrate your determination and independence to recruiters while outside of the workplace.

8- Udemy

Udemy is another excellent online learning site. It specializes in personal and professional development training with an emphasis on digital technologies. There are some free courses available, including user-created classes, so that you can learn from both your instructors and your peers. Unlike LinkedIn Learning which specializes in similar business-oriented courses, Udemy doesn't have a subscription model.

Udemy is also known for its fantastic resources for instructors, including a list of high-demand topics. In other words, you'll find Udemy is more focused on the needs of student professionals like yourself!

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Language Proficiency Apps

9- Grammarly

A professional resume or cover letter must reflect a high-level understanding of grammar conventions regardless of your language proficiency. Unfortunately, too many applicants are ignored because of an obvious grammar mistake on their résumé. Grammarly is a free chrome extension that flawlessly integrates into your browser to help fix common spelling and grammar mistakes without opening any separate applications. It also provides stylistic suggestions, so your writing is more dynamic and professional. Even better, Grammarly doesn't just highlight your mistakes; it gives tips on how you can improve your writing, so you don't have to keep making the same errors. A premium version is available with loads of extra features.

Grammarly - Résumé Proofreading

10- Duolingo Language Test

The Duolingo app is an excellent resource for learning a new language in a fun and non-demanding way. It features hundreds of quizzes with a range of proficiency levels and dramatically enhances your memorization of new vocabulary. The language proficiency test is the culmination of that learning. It costs just under CAD 60 to take, a steep discount compared to other proficiency tests and delivers its results within 48 hours. In addition, this simple certification is an excellent resume resource that will prove to employers your language competence no matter your native tongue. Many applications require that you demonstrate your language competency, and Duolingo is one of the best and cheapest options.

11- Gymglish

If you want an immersive English learning experience, then the personalized lessons of the Gymglish app are probably your best bet. Gymglish sends daily lessons to your device, which are composed of a story, audio clip and comprehension exercises suited to your level of understanding. It teaches through a stylistic storytelling approach with a large cast of colourful characters, so learning feels fun and engaging. Gymglish is genuinely unique, though, in how it specializes in your individual needs, so you don't have to learn content that you might consider too hard or too easy. For example, you can highlight words you found challenging, and Gymglish will estimate your English vocabulary.

As with professional development apps, language learning is an excellent way to grow and develop even when you're outside an active workplace environment. Use job-seeking as inspiration to work for the jobs you want.

Do you think we miss one tool or app? Let us know in a comment below.

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11 Apps That All Job Seekers Should Know About in 2021

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