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How does it work?

Canada Talents is not just about finding someone to fill a job opening in your company, but about finding an individual who is highly motivated to excel in their role. By fostering a community of dedicated professionals, our objective is to provide companies with long-term solutions. As a result of our commitment to excellence, many companies that have partnered with us in the past return to us whenever there is a need to fill a position. You may be wondering, how exactly does our process work?


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With, your candidate search is customizable to your company’s needs.

Have Your Post Visible for a Select Duration of Time

We have a number of different options available for you to choose from. From 10 days to 30 days, we have you covered with our job post plans

Find Your Bilingual Candidate

With a bilingual community of 5,000, we are the best choice for assisting you in finding a candidate who speaks the languages necessary to get the job done.

We realize that finding the right bilingual candidate for your company is time consuming. Sign up with us today and let us help your company.

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Three reasons to choose Canada Talents

Free to POST

You know exactly how long you need to find a candidate. That is why you choose how long to display the job post.

Large Network

We share your job posts on three platforms every Wednesday. Here are some key metrics about our digital community:

  • Facebook: 2k likes 
  • Facebook Group: 4,500 individuals in Greater Vancouver
  • LinkedIn: 1,300 followers
  • Instagram: 550 followers
Qualified Candidates

Our unique position allows Canada Talents to sustain quality traffic toward several pages on our website. Job Offers is the third most visited page with over 2,000 unique visitors per month.

Our Pricing Plans

With Canada Talents, we understand that finding the best candidate shouldn’t be a full-time job.
We have different options based on how urgent your needs are.

Bilingual Job Post (English)- Free Trial
post job for free
With a free trial, you are able to post your job offer for 10 days.
What is included?
1 x 10 day job post
Bilingual Job Post (English)- 30 days
Post job: $20.00
Our basic option permits you to post a job offer for 30 days.
What is included?
1 x 30 day job post
Visibility Pack
Post job: $62.00
The visibility pack allows you to post a job offer for 30 days pinned to the top of the job board with the job highlighted for better visibility. Additionally, your job will be emailed to our network of over 2,500 candidates.
What is included?
Highlight of the job post
Pin to the top of Job Board for 30 days
1 email to our 2,500 candidate database
1 x 30 day highlighted and pinned job post
10 Highlighted Job Posts
Post job: $100.00
The 10 highlighted job pack grants you to post 10 highlighted posts for 30 days at any given time on our job board. The job post credits never expire.
What is included?
10 x 30 day highlighted job posts credits
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