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Our team interviewed people with international careers, who have moved to Canada. You can view the videos below, in English and in French. They are telling you their stories, their struggles, and what they learn from them and could help you in your journey.

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If you speak French and you are still outiside Canada, thinking about the Canadian dream, we created a Free Guide in French for you. You will get all the information you need to have before you arrive and the testimonies from people who already did it.

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We meet monthly to share and learn about cultural differences while building connections and developing our personal and professional goals.

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I decided to schedule a face to face because, being new to Canada, I felt the need to have some advice on how to prepare for an interview. ... The Face-to-Face interview is just a first step, you still have to figure out how much recruitment is different from France here in Canada.
Lee D.
arrived in Vancouver in
October 2018

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Get to know the job landscape in Canada. Discover job opportunities, networking experiences, interview best-practices and more!

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