Should You Pursue Another Career?

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Feb 28, 2022
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Mar 9, 2022
Should You Pursue Another Career? | Canada Talents - Blog

At first, your current career might have seemed the right one for you, thanks to your qualifications.

However, along the way, you have evaluated and gradually discovered that apart from the qualifications, nothing else attaches you to the job. You lack passion for it; your heart is elsewhere. You have grown, understood who you are better, and finally discovered your true passion, something you love to do every day, and that will give you both personal and professional fulfillment.

This is normal. A career is not all about the salary. Some former teachers are now lawyers, while some former doctors are now accountants, by choice. People change jobs probably more than you think, at least according to one study.

Find Peace of Mind

Another reason one may opt out of a seemingly lucrative career is due to being burned out. For instance, the job or line of business leaves you little time to be with your family or recharge yourself. There is much pressure at work; it has become a rat race, so you are looking for a break. Indeed, many people quit their jobs for that reason alone.

Should you then quit your current career or job to pursue your newfound interest?

The answer would depend on how you package yourself before you finally quit. So before you decide to change career, consider the following:

Do your Research

You undoubtedly already know a great deal about your next career. It can pay your bills, for instance. Apart from the passion, you may also have some experience and education qualifications that will transfer over seamlessly.

But it would be best if you still researched further. Learn from professionals who are currently in that career, seek advice from veterans, or contact career consultants like Canada Talents.

How has Covid-19 impacted the new career you plan to pursue? Could the grass be looking green only from afar?

Get the Needed Skills

Having a passion for something is no guarantee it will work: you have to package yourself. After all, success is simply an encounter between preparation and opportunity. What new skills, training, or certifications would you need to equip yourself fully for the calling? Go out of your way to acquire the necessary skills. It will make things easier once you change your career.

Update Your Resume

Is your resume up to date? Is it still using an old, outdated format?

If you are going to apply for new jobs that match your newfound passion, do not attach the same resume you have used for a decade in your current career. You have made recent accomplishments in the past years that should be captured in your updated resume, especially now that you are to try something new. For your resume to stand out, you should customize it to accommodate your new skills, passion, and vision.

You might be moving from a teaching career to banking, but remember your new employer would want to know how you related with other teachers or helped solve problems arising in the school. How often you were promoted also says much about you, so include all these in your resume.

Should you lack the time and skills to polish your resume, seek help from resume writing services. If you're not sure how to hire, weigh reviews, delivery time, and cost.

Create a Financial Backup

You cannot just wake up one morning to announce you are quitting your job or career and turning to something else unless you have analyzed the pitfalls prior. Will you start earning immediately? Do you have a financial backup to keep you on your feet, should things take a longer-than-expected duration to work out? Ensure you have a financial plan before you change careers.

Don't forget!

In this digital age, it is now much easier to switch careers. You can now learn more about a career right in your house and figure out if it is the very thing your soul has always yearned for, only you didn't know its name. You have no reason to get stuck in a career you do not enjoy. Learn more about reinventing yourself and choosing a new career by contacting Canada Talents!

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Should You Pursue Another Career?

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