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28 Steps To Kick-Start Your Dream Life in Canada!


Choosing the Perfect Place to Settle

Thinking about moving to Canada but unsure about where you want to land? We have the best curated city guides to help support you in making the right decision. From coast-to-coast we’ve curated city guides for two of Canada’s top cities! 

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Discover Who We Are and How We Can Support

We believe that cultural diversity is an asset at work. As immigrants, we share similar challenges regarding professional rules and standards. We support your integration into the Canadian workplace.

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How’s Your English?

Learn ways to strengthen your corporate communications skills. Land clients, communicate effectively and sharpen your speaking skills.

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Online Enlish Lessons: Get 7 days free with Gymglish and BC Talents

Negotiating Your Salary

What is my worth and how can I estimate my value on the job market? Learn how to negotiate salaries in Canada with a Job Boost!

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Market Trends

research, train and develop your skills. Ensure you’re the top candidate by staying up-to-date industry trends to understand what you need vs. what is a nice-to-have. Our career experts will fill you in with current market trends with a Face-to-Face session.It can be overwhelming to

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Networking Hacks!

Discover local professional networks to support your journey! Join us for a professional networking event.

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Soft vs. Hard Skills

Where Can You Develop Your Skills? Maybe you have expert technical skills but need to develop your communication, organization and interpersonal traits.

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Resume Refresh

Updating your resume can be exhausting and tedious. Our team knows exactly what you need to do showcase on your resume in order to land an interview.

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Make Your Cover Letter Creative!

It’s all in the story you tell. How can you make sure you stand out among the rest? Learn how to make your Cover Letter stand out.

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Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!

Develop your written skills! Written communication is powerful in business best-practices. Make sure you know to write follow up emails, proofread your proposals and more!

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Job Search: Finding The Perfect Fit

We understand finding the right job can be stressful and time consuming. We want to make sure you align with the opportunity that feels suited for you. Make the right connections, meet the right people, develop the right skills.

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Update Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful social networking platform to help leverage you in your career! If you want to perform a successful job hunt in Canada, having an active LinkedIn profile is essential to your strategy! Every recruiter has one, and uses it a lot to find the best fit! Most of them will check your background on it after reading your resume.

A Job Boost will help!

Prepare Your Elevator Pitch

Having a pitch ready is essential when going to a networking event or job interview. You will find the rules to master the elevator pitch in this article here!

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Ask Questions & Network!

There is no such thing as a bad question. Continue to ask questions. Each answer will support your career path and lead you to the next opportunity. Coffee Interviews, Networking Events, etc.

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Join Us for a Professional Development Event! 

We host many events throughout the year to support professionals in career and personal development. Join us for a CONNECTworking event to meet our community!

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Join the Canada Talents Community Today! 

Find out how to join our network to continue to build and enhance your community connections. Meet with like-minded professionals who are ready to support your growth.

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Experience the Best of Canada

Discover the in’s and out’s of the Canadian landscape. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, landscapes and people of Canada.

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Enhance Your Resume with Volunteer Opportunities

Carving out time in your busy schedule to give back to the community can be an excellent way to enhance your resume and show employers that working in the community is important to personal development and growth! 

Info on volunteering in Canada!Volunteer Application

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Find your next job today! We’re always looking for people to help us grow our offerings.

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Mindset Matters

Mindset is everything. Learn how to take control of your career and shift into a space of motivation, development and continuous learning.

Mindset Hacks for career growth

Interview Prep

Preparing for interviews can be overwhelming and stressful. We break down exactly what you need to do to knock it out of the park.

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Mock Interviews!

Practice interviews are an excellent way to ensure you’re set up for success when it comes to the real deal. We take time to coach you and find areas of opportunity in your interviewing skills.

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Make Your Follow-Up Email Impressionable

Follow-up emails can make or break you. Want to make sure you continue to stand out? Build rapport with your interviewer and discover what you need to do to make an impression!

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Hear From Our Community

Learn from others who have been in the same boat as you! Visit our Youtube Channel to hear about other people’s experiences with Canada Talents and transitioning to the Canadian workplace has been like!

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Rooted in Culture

Learn about Canada’s rich history. Take a journey with us through Canadian culture which defines Canadian social norms today!

Canadian Norms and Society

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I decided to schedule a face to face because, being new to Canada, I felt the need to have some advice on how to prepare for an interview. ... The Face-to-Face interview is just a first step, you still have to figure out how much recruitment is different from France here in Canada.
Lee D.
arrived in
Oct 2018
I learn how different the British Columbia culture can be from other cultures. It also helped me how important networking is.
Vincent H.
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Jul 2021
Canada Talents was the perfect team of people who had gone through the same settlement experience than mine. Their network, tips, and support were highly appreciated and useful.
Fatima E.
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Oct 2014