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Find Your Dream Candidate in Canada!

Find Your New Team Member Easily 

Our Services

We will connect you with local and well-established candidates that are seeking new career and work opportunities. While we are here to support you and connect you with the right fit, it is your responsibility to grow these relationships and land the right employee or contractor! We offer our services without any discrimination regardless of age, sex, gender, citizenship, background, etc.

Recruiting a new team member can be exhausting. Let us help you with all of the following:

General Assessment

Contracts, Signatures and Deposits

Candidate Information and Research 

Candidate/ Managerial Follow-Up

Your Candidate's Assessment

When searching for a candidate, we use key success factor indicators to highlight before we find you the right candidate to fill the role at your company. What does this mean?

Based on the information you provide to us, we search through our database of potential candidates and select the candidate with the highest number of key indicators. This way, you will receive a candidate who will be the best fit for the role at your company. We also prefer this method as it gives a personalized touch to understanding who you are as the employer, what your company work culture is like, and how your company operates on a daily basis.

Hiring Logistics

We understand that you need to focus time and energy on your business operations. That’s why the hiring logistics, such as contracts, signatures and direct deposit information, will be handled by us!

Using the latest softwares, Canada Talents is prepared to conduct the time-consuming process of setting up the infrastructure for onboarding a new team member.

Extensive Candidate Research

Given that our research database is extensive, we will find you the right candidate. Alongside the candidate selection process, you will receive a full outline detailing the professional profile of the candidate. This research is particularly important to have before conducting and interview as you will be informed of the candidate's professional experience beforehand.

Not good at conducting interviews? In some cases, we will conduct the pre-screening sessions and interviews for you.

We Support the OnBoarding Process

Transition & On-Boarding of New Team Member

After your new employee arrives in Canada, we support them in becoming situated socially and professionally with their new home. We work with our business partners to ensure a seamless transition and successful on-boarding of the new candidate. 

First 3 Months

For the first three months, we will work collaboratively with your HR team and new contractor to ensure the on-boarding process has been completed. Our team is available to support your new employee with any questions they may have in the transition process.

Schedule a Call Today!

Schedule a 20-minute session with our team. Together we will review your options, learn about your goals, and develop the best offer for you and your company's needs. You will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding our process.