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what is a Live webinar?

We want to familiarize future bilingual (French-English) newcomers to Canada and to integrate these individuals into English-speaking society and its professional environment. This way, these professionals will learn about life in Canada before they arrive in the country.

At Canada Talents, we offer live events on Youtube and Facebook. These live events offer future bilingual immigrants the opportunity to understand Canada’s culture and diversity better. Through these webinars, these individuals can learn about immigration, employment and integration into Canadian society from the comfort of their home. We welcome businesses that would like to present their company and any opportunities they may have available in both English and French.

If you are interested in participating and finding new bilingual talent before they arrive in Canada, contact our cultural expert here!

Our Next Live Webinar Events

Canada Talents is hosting regularly our “Objectif Canada” events. Employers and partners are able to present their company, its values, products and services to many future bilingual candidates who are looking to start their career in Canada. Each employer will receive 12 minutes to present and while the presentation is preferably done in French for more effective communication with the candidates, an English presentation is also possible.

If participating in Objectif Canada is interesting to you, set up a call with our team to discuss how we can support you.

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