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Support Your Employees in Their Integration in Canada

Overcome the Cultural Barriers of Your New Employee

Why Is Cultural Integration So Important?

At Canada Talents, we acknowledge that moving to North America is a big step for anyone. That’s why we want to help businesses not only secure their dream employee, but support businesses with information on how to ensure your talented new employee is happy with their decision. 

With the proper resources, your new employee will feel the comfort of knowing their employer is working with them to adjust to Canadian workplace culture. We offer a range of resources, cultural consultation sessions and check-ins to ensure the success of both the employer and employee.

Our Cultural Integration Solutions

Cultural Integration Resources
In order to become accustomed to your employees previous work lifestyle, we have curated amazing guides on how the professional lifestyle may have been different to the Canadian professional lifestyle. Our guides ensure that employers are informed of the potential barriers that may exist for new employees who arrive from outside of Canada and how to work around these barriers.
Here is a list of our current guides!
Vancouver, BC
Toronto, ON
Calgary/Edmonton, AB
Cultural Consultation Session
We support businesses with a discussion session for employees to ensure that any questions you have are answered. We understand that it may be difficult to understand the professional cultures from other regions around the world. Let us help you stay informed so that you can be the best leader for your organization.
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Managerial Check-In
Within the first 3 months of onboarding, we are there for you and your new employee. That is why we will schedule an appointment to check-in with the employer to ensure everything is running smoothly with the new employee. If there are any necessary adjustments that need to be made or questions you may have with regards to the employee adapting to the new environment, we will be happy to help. All the discussions are confidential. 
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$1,900 CAD - Single Individual
$2,500 CAD - Family Deal

Our Offers

We offer a flat fee for a hands-on support system to ensure either a single individual candidate or an entire family is welcome to not only your business, but the Canadian lifestyle.

What is included?
We offer support over a 6 month period
90 minute employee onboarding session
30 minute manager onboarding session
Bi-weekly employee meeting
Integration Resource Centre Access

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