The story behind our new logo

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Apr 15, 2021
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May 9, 2021
The story behind our new logo | Canada Talents - Blog

Canada Talents brings together people from various backgrounds with unique skills and professional experiences. Canada Talents has expanded its offerings to nurture the participation of French-speaking and non-French-speaking professionals in the Canadian workplace. Learn, prepare and thrive with a dedicated team of mentors and support. Our logo represents our visual identity. It encompasses the multi-dimensional expressions of Canadians while recognizing and paying respect to the traditional protectors of this land, Indigenous ancestors and elders.

Inspiration rooted in the Canadian culture

The Canada Talents logo is inspired by Douglas Coupland's work, an iconic Canadian artist and novelist. Drawing on inspiration from his 2010 work entitled, Brilliant Information Overload Pop Head and his 2011 work Harris Maligne Lake, Sampson-Matthews Variant. Coupland inspires us to reimagine the development of human life through rich, vast cultural expression. Persistently investigating Canadian cultural identity, Coupland's work encourages us to reimagine what Canadian identity encompasses.

(Brilliant Information Overload Pop Head, 2010)
(Brilliant Information Overload Pop Head, 2010)

The chosen colours represent the diversity of folk in Canada. They represent the intersectional experiences and integration of cultures within one country — the formation of the elements — air, water, fire and earth. The circle represents our unity as a country. Although no one's experience is the same, we are united in our differences. A clear font reflects the organic and focused nature of our work. And finally, the maple leaf: a central aspect to the national flag and a reminder that we must pay tribute and respect, honouring the long-standing relationships that Indigenous Nations have to this land, as they are the original caretakers. We must acknowledge historical and ongoing injustices that Indigenous People and other minorities alike endure in Canada. Together in collaboration with one another, may we bring inspiration, professional development and career opportunities to people across Canada.

(Harris Maligne Lake, Sampson-Matthews Variant, 2011)
(Harris Maligne Lake, Sampson-Matthews Variant, 2011)
Electric Crystal Lismer Landscape, 2010

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The story behind our new logo

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