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We offer you the space to give back and mingle

Culture Gap Events

A couple of times a year, we gather our community to learn more about the Canadian life that we have decided to embrace. The cultural differences are everywhere and we come together to share our experiences with each other.
From banking to buying a car, through a base of cultural understanding, we foster special speakers and topics to bring you the most of what Canada has to offer. It is the perfect opportunity to get an in-depth knowledge of the expectations of North American life.

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French-Speaking Community

We have strong ties with the French-speaking community. French Alumni is seeking to offer a space to mingle with French-speaking qualified professionals living in Vancouver and to share your experiences and points of views with like-minded people.

Their community is a mix of people, from those starting a career to senior executives coming from various professions and industries. They meet once a month in a casual and convivial atmosphere.

French Alumni

Become a Mentor

BC Talents' mentorship program is based on a vision where mentees and mentors can converse in an open-minded, confidential and constructive environment.
If you are looking to give back to the community and share your experience and knowledge with people that needed the most. We are taking great care to make sure the Mentor-Mentee relationship is the best for both sides. BC Talents will give you the support and documents required during the mentorship program length.

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