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Wine&Learn Events

We gather our members at a workshop-like event, to dive into leadership and personal development. Personal growth is critical to achieving your full potential. It allows you to understand yourself better, and it assists you in reaching your goals,  cultivating your skills and facilitating your employment, as well as enhancing your quality of life and helping you to realize your aspirations.

Do you want to take the next step in your career or just to realize and maximize your potential? These events are designed to equip you with the right tools to grow and to become better leaders.

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BC Talents' mentorship program is based on a vision where mentees and mentors can converse in an open-minded, confidential and constructive environment.
BC Talents will follow your progress and support you through each step of the mentorship program. We are happy to answer any questions and address any concerns. BC Talents will give you the support and materials needed to successfully complete the mentorship program.

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Culture Gap Events

A couple of times a year, we gather our community to learn more about the Canadian life that we have decided to embrace. The cultural differences are everywhere and we come together to share our experiences with each other.
From banking to buying a car, through a base of cultural understanding, we foster special speakers and topics to bring you the most of what Canada has to offer. It is the perfect opportunity to get an in-depth knowledge of the expectations of North American life.

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